a levels home tuition in singapore

a levels home tuition in singapore

singapore Alevels home tuition

certified singapore Alevels home tutor

certified singapore singapore Alevels home tuition

 Alevels home tutors in singapore

A Levels Private Home Tuition

Is your child taking A Levels examination this year? How is your child coping with schoolwork? And with stress ? Do you want your child to have that extra edge to pass exams with flying colours? Don't miss out the opportunity to help your child achieve an A grade with one-on-one tuition. Private home tuition is the most effective way of allowing your child to grow at their pace by adopting their preferred learning style in an environment that provides safety, stability and happiness.

It is so important that the right private home tutor is found for your child when he or she is preparing for the Singapore A Levels examination. Please do not underestimate this. There are many gifted and talented home tutors but they may not be right for your child. This can lead to results which are less than that desired. Our private home tutors will work with you and your child to create an A Levels curriculum tailored specifically for your child to achieve A grade results.

It is understandable that Singapore parents have reasons to seek private home tuition for their children. In school, teachers are unable to pay equal attention to all students in class. Private home tuition is the best way to ensure that the student is able to grasp new topics being taught daily. A private home tutor can help the child to understand and clear doubts in every subject. For the motivated student, tuition can provide the extra nudge for the child to excel and achieve better A Levels grades. A good home tutor can help the child to master a subject in the shortest time and the opportunity to achieve more GRADE As in Examinations. Doing well in examinations and in school will certainly enhance the child’s self-esteem and confidence, laying the foundations for a successful career in the future.

Our Dedicated A Levels Home Tutors

We have a pool of qualified, dedicated and passionate private home tutors for almost all subjects for secondary schools, particularly subjects at A Levels. Many of our home tutors are Singapore teachers or retired teachers who are National Institute of Education (NIE) trained and experienced in delivery methods. They can help your child make dramatic improvements in their preparation for the A Levels examination.

Our extensive database of tutors, include current school teachers, ex-school teachers, full time private tutors and part time tutors for the following A Level subjects:

Higher Chinese
Lower Sec Maths
Elementary Maths
Additional Maths
Lower Sec Science
Combined Science (Physics  / Chemistry)
Combined Science (Chemistry / Biology)
Comb0ned Science (Physics / Biology)

Call us today and lay the foundation for your child’s success in school and his future career.

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A Levels Home Tuition

Home tuition in Singapore. Providing dedicated and qualified home tutors to help your child excel in school. We are ready to help your child master school work and prepare for examinations through privat home tuition.


A Levels Home Tuition in Singapore

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